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Our top of the best galettes des rois de Paris

Because it's not just the muhalabieh and the namouras in life, here is our ranking of the 10 best galettes des rois, tested and approved by the team over the years! By way of criteria for this classification: the galettes must be affordable, digestible, subtle and of course delicious. Ready for the coronation? Let's go !

Edit: here is our top news in 2024!

N°10: The infinitely almond galette from Pierre Hermé

The almond galette from Pierre Hermé is a safe bet: puff pastry, grilled almond cream, and roasted almond slivers nestled in the heart of the galette, under a deliciously gourmet layer of almond cream. A high-flying delight, and zero risk taking, you will be sure to satisfy all your guests!

The price: 35€ for 4 people.
The variations: pistachio, grapefruit lemon, and caramel chocolate brioche.
Discover the Pierre Hermé cake

N°9: The frangipane galette from Quignon

In the super generous genre, we find the very effective galette from Quignon, the bobo bakery in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Tested, approved and not stingy in quantity. A small detail for small eaters: it's very generous, not too expensive and it could have been a little more subtle, but it fills its stomach.

Price: we paid about 30€ in the bakery for a cake of about 6-8 people as a souvenir.
Discover the Quignon cake

N°8: The almond galette from Yann Couvreur

Once again, we are on a safe bet with Yann Couvreur who has the advantage of making fairly digestible pastries in general. Understand by this: not too heavy and which are digested quite easily, while being super greedy. And his galette des rois is no exception to this rule: a melt-in-the-mouth almond cream, deliciously sweet hidden under a perfectly crunchy puff pastry, although a little sticky on the palate.

Apart from this side a little pot of glue of its puff pastry, it is almost perfection for this galette. Simple, effective, not very expensive and delicious, in short, nothing to complain about.

Price: €26 for 4 people.
Discover the Yann Couvreur cake

N°7: Almond – orange blossom galette from Maison Aleph

We were already a fan of their bird's nests, and we are just as good with their almond / orange blossom galette des rois. With its oriental caramelized filo pastry puff pastry, garnished with a pure almond cream flavored with orange blossom, you will be sure to be a hit with this galette des rois (or viziers), without either take too big a risk with their pistachio or sesame / halva galette, which we will leave to the more adventurous and other lovers of the thousand and one nights! With this orange blossom almond galette, you will nevertheless be a little more original than the average, while being on an accessible and delicious product.

Price: €29 for 5 people.
Variations: chocolate, pistachio and sesame halva.
Discover the Maison Aleph galette

N°6: Almond galette from Angelina

For having tested the almond galette but also the chocolate-brown galette of 2022, be sure to make a good impression with their 2023 edition: an almond galette that could not be more classic, but effective. There too, no risk taking, and we are on a premium quality but accessible in terms of prices.

Price: 29€ for 4-6 people
Variations: chocolate-chestnut (very good, but be careful, it's fat!) and pistachio.
Discover the Angelina galette

N°5: The queens & kings galette from Frichti

As improbable as it may seem, every year Frichti brings out an absolutely delicious galette des rois worthy of very good neighborhood bakeries, at an unbeatable price. €14.99 for a 6-person cake, often with promotions of up to 50%, delivered to your home, and no frills. Probably the best value for money, apart from the one from Picard which also seems to be a big hit. The galette is just perfect and perfectly simple. We therefore thank the CBAF, the Collective of Anonymous Bakers from Frichti at the origin of this devilishly good and inexpensive product!

Price: €14.99 for 6 people
Discover the Frichti galette

N°4: The cake from Maison Mulot

We tested it in January 2021, in an almond version to be completely honest, and their new editions seem to live up to the previous year, with in particular the hazelnut frangipane version, citron peel and crispy puff pastry. Subtle and of great quality, go ahead with your eyes closed, you are on very great creations...

Price: 42€ for 6 people
Variations: classic almond, chocolate almond, forest fruit pistachio, almond pistachio.
Discover the Maison Mulot galettes

N°3: The galette des rois from Union Boulangerie

Union Boulangerie was already unanimous with their cookies, and their galette des rois lives up to their reputation. A delight in the mouth, without too much damage on the plate via a successful puff pastry but above all, a deliciously melting almond paste, generous and not at all disgusting unlike some cakes that are a little too heavy after a few bites. This seems to be the best compromise at an affordable price, and all while trusting a serious and qualitative brand, far from the “neo-buzz” bakeries calibrated for Instagram.

Price: €30 from memory in the bakery.
Discover the Union cake

No. 3 Ex-aequo: The Kreme cake

Far from the bobo-centred Parisian tumult, the Kreme pastry shop in Montrouge offers pastries that move the whole south of Paris, and their galette is no exception to the rule. Our test was so conclusive that we had to resolve to add them in joint 3rd place in this ranking. A perfect frangipane, generous, melting in the mouth, not disgusting for a penny, and since we are talking about a penny, at a price again accessible, around forty euros for 6 if we remember correctly.

So if you are passing through the former Montrougian stronghold of Coluche and Renaud, the former "independence of the Porte d'Orléans", stop to taste the wonderful galette des rois from Kreme, and their delicious pastries in general , but without the coffee, signed Nespresso, not up to the taste.

Price: €40 from memory in the bakery.
Discover the Kreme cake

N°2: The Frosted Factory galette

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A post shared by La Fabrique Givrée (@lafabriquegivree)

We were already completely fans of their Habibi ice cream (a killer), their chestnut flavor, their caramelized cashew nuts, their date and orange blossom flavor… and many other flavors the enumeration of which would be useless and tedious (it's the epiphany after all, we can make a little wink to the three kings).

Ardèche frosts continue to delight our taste buds with an ice-cold galette des rois, an ice-cold galette as a trompe-l'oeil. Grilled almond ice cream, buttered puff pastry coated with milk chocolate, melting caramel and Dulcey chocolate. Honestly, it's an absolute success on the palate, a frosty but not sloppy delight, a real experience for which we can award the prize for the most original epiphanic creation.

With this frozen galette, you will be sure to make the most frosty choice, without skimping on product quality or taste. Go for it!

Price: 30€ for 6-8 people
Discover the frozen galette from La Fabrique Givrée

N°1: The galette from Friends

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A post shared by Copains (

We have tasted galettes des rois since our childhood, from the most low-cost (Pasquier not to mention it, its legendary blue packaging, and its almond cream capable of knocking down the most talented plasterers in the construction industry) to more luxurious, when you had the chance, in another life (eat falafel, they tell you!).

But believe us, few are the pastry chefs who have managed to reach the level of the organic galette des rois, gluten-free and made with rice flour and buckwheat from Chez Copains. And that, without making a fuss, and in relative media anonymity. They offer a classic version, and a pistachio version.

A word of advice: opt for the classic, with hazelnut frangipane if I'm not mistaken, and simply enjoy this nut paste delicately coiled in a subtle recipe and – it's a feat for a galette des kings – perfectly digestible.

You know our requirement in terms of healthy, simple and tasty food, and on all these levels, without fuss, this galette wins the crown hands down. We tell you no more: just test it! And happy epiphany of course!

Price: we paid €37 for a galette for 6 people, but it's worth it.
Variations: pistachio, but we prefer the classic.
Discover the galette from Friends.

Bonus: we would like to test…

Obviously, this ranking includes galettes that we have already had the opportunity to test in recent years until today, but many other pastries do an excellent job, and there are bound to be equally good products to choose from. discover among them.

We can cite in particular, among those that we would like to test:

  • Sweet Garden, the excellent pastry shop in northwestern Paris, which had already captivated us with its pistachio and orange blossom tart…
  • Healthy Bakery, the bakery that is creating a buzz with its ancient wheat, which is much healthier than modern wheat (we had already discussed the subject of ancient wheat here).
  • Chez Meunier, who does not rest on these laurels, with a limited edition bean cake signed Chanoir.
  • Pastry P1, which made the buzz on the networks.
  • The black sesame galette from Utopia Paris.
  • Smoked hazelnut frangipane from Tapestry.
  • Land and Monkeys, the famous brand of vegan bakeries with a traditional look but futuristic recipes. EDIT: tested, effective and approved.
  • The cake of Royal Monceau, for when we have more money (for that, you know what to do, I'm not going to ramble on).
  • Ours, not yours, catering.
  • picard, since the monster buzz of their "anti-inflation pancakes" at the unbeatable price, and apparently, the criticism is almost unanimous. I'm told in the atrium that you have to try their raspberry queen galette. Plus, Picard never disappoints us in general, except when they try their hand at falafels and hummus, but hey, professional distortion.
  • And finally the pancakes from Oh Yes! and Beautiful Desires for their low GI pastries – and we talked about glycemic index here – because you have to be a little careful with your figure all the same, but beware of the excess of maltitol and other fake sugars all the same, we will make a subject of this one these days if you are interested.

I hope you liked this ranking, and if you have any recommendations, don't hesitate to share your good addresses!

Happy New Year to all, and we meet for Candlemas. By the way, drop your com'z if you want us to make a top of the best crepes in Paris, because we know a lot of them too... much to the chagrin of our abs, but don't panic, there will always be the Lebanese Tabbouleh and the White Shark from Libshop to make a tad reappear by mid-June!

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