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-30% with the Friday promo code to use without moderation

Il paraît que le vendredi tout est permis, alors pourquoi se refuser un bon Libshop à -30% ce vendredi 19 juillet 2024 ? Pour en profiter, direction l’application Libshop ou le site de commande en ligne, et rentrez tout simplement le code promo suivant : PERMIS Un code promo qui vous fera bénéficier de 30% de réduction à partir de 15€ de commande sur votre commande à emporter ou en livraison, et valable tout le week-end jusqu’au dimanche 21 juillet au soir. L’occasion de se faire plaisir en ajoutant un second mezzé à votre formule ou un de nos délicieux desserts ! À noter qu’on a également lancé une merveilleuse citronnade maison fleur d’orange et menthe fraîche, qui sera disponible de façon progressive sur les 4 points de vente, alors allez vite la tester ! A très vite en restaurant 😉

€6 off your order with promo code EURO2024

Sunday is the national holiday but also the Euro 2024 final, so to celebrate all that, we're offering you a €6 reduction from an order of €13, so we might as well tell you that your order is almost at -50%! Take advantage of it from this Friday at noon until the evening of Sunday, July 14, with the promo code: EURO2024 This Friday, July 12, 2024, the promo code is valid in all our restaurants from the Libshop application or the ordering site, as well as only on ordering tablets directly in the restaurant. Saturday and Sunday, you will only be able to order from restaurants in Paris 1 and Paris 13, because those in Paris 8 and Paris 9 are closed on weekends. At your command! And thanks to @lapuertaontheroad for the photo ❤️

Promo code: 20% reduction from Friday June 28, 2024 to Sunday June 30, 2024

From today until Sunday evening, benefit from a 20% reduction from 12€ of order with the promo code: FRIDAY28 To take advantage of it, go to the Libshop app, by click&collect or by delivery throughout Paris , as well as in restaurants directly on the order terminals for the Libshops in Paris 1, Paris 8 and Paris 13 😋 Please note, Saturday and Sunday, only the restaurants in Paris 1 and Paris 13 are open. To your shawarmas!

Book your authentic Lebanese brunch in Paris

A vegetarian, healthy and authentic culinary experience With this Lebanese brunch typical of the Land of the Cedars, we want to take you on a journey into our Levantine morning memories. Brunch is served by reservation only on Saturday and Sunday at the Libshop in Paris 13. Price: €29 / person. In addition to its authentic aspect, this brunch is inspired by the standards of the Mediterranean diet, considered by science to be one of the most effective dietary methods in the world for health and longevity. In practice, we have worked on a predominantly vegetarian diet, a supply of legumes rich in vegetable proteins, raw products, and the use of healthy and natural aromatics. On the menu, an assortment of mezzes with Lebanese labneh made from curdled and drained milk, a delicious pizzette of Lebanese Zaatar, this famous mixture of spices (thyme, rosemary, savory, oregano, etc.), as well as two dishes of legumes served early in the morning in Lebanon, namely Foul Moudammas and Balila salad. These two tangy dishes are the keystone of the typical Lebanese breakfast. Then come the ancestral “Lebanese style” omelette with parsley and onion, and the tangy fattouche salad, which is a famous Lebanese peasant salad typical of the “diet

€5 off this weekend until Sunday June 16 🌯🥗

-5€ from 13€ of order with the promo code WEEKEND from Friday June 14 to Sunday June 16, 2024 🤩 To take advantage of it, it's happening today directly on the Libshop app, by click&collect or delivered throughout Paris , as well as in restaurants directly at the order terminals 😋 Please note, Saturday and Sunday, only restaurants in Paris 1 and Paris 13 are open. To your hummus!

4 practical tips to improve the health of the intestinal microbiota

Imagine a dense, rich forest, full of life and interactions. Now tell yourself that this forest lives inside you, in your gut. This vast ecosystem, called the intestinal microbiota, is made up of billions of bacteria and other microorganisms. Taking care of this little inner world can transform your health dramatically. What if we saw this together? That's good, that's the subject of the new article to be found on the Libshop Blog ->

Promo code ! We want sunshine 🌞

The month of May is over, and it hasn't been able to give us a little sunshine, but that doesn't matter because there is Libshop to compensate and bring a little hummus in this ambient grayness. So to take advantage of it, we are offering you 10% reduction from 10€ of order until Sunday evening on all your orders placed on the LIBSHOP application or the website, or even directly in the restaurant on the order tablets at Paris 1, 8 and 13. For Paris 9, it's only via the app or the website! Here is the promo code to take advantage of it: DUSOLEIL The promo code is valid until the evening of Sunday June 2, so take advantage of it quickly :)

In May, do what you please, and take advantage of 30% reduction with the promo code MAI24

It's the month of May, the weather is still a little capricious, so while waiting for the terraces to return, we'll let you take advantage of a very nice promo code for those who are lucky enough (sigh) to stay in Paris during bridges. Simply enter the promo code MAI24, and benefit from a 30% reduction from 12€ of orders placed directly on the LIBSHOP application or the website, or even directly in the restaurant on the order tablets. MAY24 The promo code is currently valid until Sunday May 12, so take advantage of it quickly 🙂 Photo credit: @lafoodograph

€5 reduction until Sunday April 21, 2024!

To top off our last article on the 5 best tips inherited from the Mediterranean diet for health, here is a small promo code of €5 from €15 of order to use until Sunday April 21 for takeaway or delivery: SANTE Parce We are always happy to share our newsletter with members as well as those who follow us on our networks and on our blog! To benefit from the reduction, simply enter the promo code “SANTE” during your next LIBSHOP order on the app, the website or directly in the restaurant! See you soon ! Photo credit: @lapuertaontheroad

5 lessons inherited from the Mediterranean diet to refine and for general health

🌿 Want to slim down for the summer, or just be fit and healthy? 🔥Here are some simple tips to tend, from time to time and when possible, towards a Mediterranean type diet, which originally goes from the South of France to the Levant, today's Middle East. 💯 The so-called Mediterranean or Cretan diet is the diet which has given the most convincing results for general health according to science, with in parallel the diet of Okinawa or certain other regions called "Blue Zones", these places in world where healthy life expectancy broke records before the arrival of the agri-food industry (Asia, northern Europe, etc.). We can therefore also draw inspiration from the eating habits from the “blue zones” as a whole. 😞 It is of course not a panacea, but if we can try to delay certain health risks as much as possible such as chronic inflammation, allergies or even hormonal problems, then why not try? 🙌 Find the best kept secrets of the best diet in the world on our blog, health section, and in the meantime, here are 5 tips directly inherited from the Mediterranean lifestyle.