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Discover the Libshop concept: quality Lebanese mezes and street-food on a plate or in a sandwich in Paris

You don't know the Libshop restaurants yet? Here is a small overview and a presentation of the concept!

📍 On site in Paris 1 & Paris 13
🛍️ On the go in Paris 8 & Paris 9
🛵 On his couch in Nanterre & Saint-Ouen

The Libshop1, at 96 rue Saint-Denis in Paris 1.

At the origin of this dusty Lebanese canteen available in several outlets, two brothers supported by their father, who since 2014 have been working with passion to bring the cuisine of their country of origin, Lebanon, up to date.

On the menu, we start without delay by plunging the homemade Zaatar chips, this mix of typically Lebanese spices, into a farandole of mezes, all vegetarian and cooked daily, in an artisanal way. Eggplant caviar, green tabbouleh, tzatziki-style labneh or even ancestral hummus or available in several flavors: fresh basil, Thai sriracha sauce, or deliciously sweet beetroot.

After this orgiastic introduction, we put on delicious sandwiches containing unique recipes, artisanal and cooked daily with fresh products.

Your choice is the now legendary "White Shark", a delicious sandwich made with marinated chicken fillet, garlic cream and fresh raw vegetables, closely followed on the sales podium by the "Signature Falafel", a unique recipe based on Lebanese falafel revisited with pumpkin, which will delight vegetarians.

The Signature Falafel
Sandwich W, Pink Hummus, Spicy Hummus and Zaatar Chips.

Gourmets but no less gluttonous will fall for the "W", a high-quality sandwich that enhances the Lebanese chawarma by making it a nutritious and gustatory jewel with an exclusive recipe: minced beef flank steak then marinated 24 hours Lebanese style with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, sumac, cloves, nutmeg – just that! – before being cooked slowly in the oven and in olive oil.

The W

To this craftsmanship, we add in this famous "W" a plethora of skilfully chosen ingredients: cooked onions, carrots, red cabbage, green salad, tomatoes, halloumi cheese and finally sesame cream as a vegetable 100% sauce. Probably the best sandwich you can taste today, between the tangy Lebanese chawarma and the good bistro flank steak.

On the fork side, we will dig into the delicious fattouche salad, the famous Lebanese peasant salad. You can choose between creamy falafels topped with sesame cream, or chicken marinated for 24 hours, all enhanced with sumac sauce, the iconic Levantine spice.

The Chicken Libshop Salad
The Veggie Falafel Salad

To continue the journey, we let you fall for the "Chicken Lemon Olives" and its basmati rice with vermicelli, which will take you to the crossroads of the Moroccan tagine and the Lebanese "3a Djej rice". An entire program !

Lemon Olive Chicken

The Lebanese anti-bouiboui wants to be creative, modern and above all healthy. Passionate about nutrition, the two founders ensure that their dishes meet very demanding dietary standards: slow cooking in the oven and with olive oil, homemade 100% vegetable sauces, legumes chosen for their low glycemic index, and animal proteins and high quality plants. Meals rich in fiber, protein, good fats and moderate in carbohydrates will be the ideal companions for your figure and your health.

At the heart of the concept, the accessible Lib'Tasty menu from just €12.50, which will be good for the palate without hurting the finances: a sandwich or a dish, a meze and a drink of your choice!

The Lib'Tasty menu

To satisfy gargantuan appetites, add other delicious mezes, daring sweet potatoes in the Lebanese "batata harra" style, or even a very airy Lebanese flan flavored with orange blossom and you will be in heaven, in good epicurean that you are. Carpe Diem !

Alone or with others, live the Libshop experience by restoring under framed pieces of Lebanon, or in take away and delivery on known platforms, or directly on the libshop application!

Libshop restaurants

To find us, here are the different Libshop restaurants in Paris:
📍 On site in Paris 1 & Paris 13
🛍️ On the go in Paris 8 & Paris 9
🛵 On his sofa in Nanterre & Saint-Ouen (deliveries only)

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