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Book your authentic Lebanese brunch in Paris

An authentic, healthy and immersive culinary experience.

With this typical Lebanese brunch from the land of Cedars, we want you to travel in our Levantine morning memories. Brunch is served by reservation only Saturday and Sunday at Libshop of Paris 13, And Sunday only at Libshop of Paris 1.

Price: 29€ / person.

In addition to its authentic aspect, this brunch is inspired by the standards of the Mediterranean diet, considered by science to be one of the world's most effective diets for health and longevity. In practice, we worked on a vegetarian dominance, a contribution of legumes rich in vegetable proteins, raw products, and the use of healthy and natural herbs.

On the menu, a assortment of mezes with the lebanese labneh tzatziki style made from curdled and drained milk, cucumber and mint, a delicious Lebanese Zaatar pizzette, this famous blend of spices (thyme, rosemary, savory, oregano, etc.), as well as a delicious Halloumi cheese.

Next come the authentic legume dishes served early in the morning in Lebanon, namely Foul Moudammas and Balila salad. These two tangy dishes are the keystone of the typical Lebanese breakfast, followed by the ancestral Lebanese omelet with parsley and onion, served with its tangy fattoush salad, which is a famous Lebanese peasant salad typical of the "Cretan diet".

For dessert, the legendary lebanese flan flavored with rose and orange blossom, accompanied a hot drink to choose from, including the famous Zhourat, the typical Lebanese infusion. As for cold drinks, you will have the choice between a soft drink or the famous Lebanese Jelleb, rose or date…


The authentic Lebanese Brunch, by Libshop

A healthy, authentic and homemade culinary experience, available on Saturday and Sunday only at Libshop Library in Paris 13.

29€ / person.

  • Assortment of 3 mezes: Labneh Tzatziki style, Zaatar Pizzette and halloumi cheese.
  • Assortment of legumes: Foul Moudamas and Balila Salad
  • Lebanese Omelet and Fattouche Salad
  • Lebanese flan with rose and orange blossom
  • A hot drink and a cold drink of your choice.


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