Libshop menu

Original, healthy and qualitative recipes of Lebanese inspiration 💖​

Prices may vary significantly from one restaurant to another, and from one platform to another. Please consult the menu of each restaurant.

For delivery, prices are directly available on Or on the Libshop application.

The options (lunch, takeaway & delivery)

The Lib’Tasty!

A sandwich, a meze, 1 drink

The Lib’Healthy!

A salad or a dish, a meze, 1 drink

Mezze for 2

10 hot mezzes and 4 cold mezzes to share. Available only in Paris 13.

The Very Lib'!

A sandwich, a mezze, oven-roasted sweet potatoes and a drink. Available in the evening and on weekends without the drink.

Lib' for 2️!

4 mezzés and 2 main courses and two main courses or sandwiches of your choice. Available for delivery only.



Finely cut flat-leaf parsley, bulgur, onion, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and a hint of cinnamon. FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS 💪

eggplant caviar

Smoked eggplant puree, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. DIET! 🍆

The classic hummus

Chickpea purée with sesame cream, lemon juice, olive oil, cumin. The authentic Levantine recipe in its simplest device ⚡

The spicy hummus

The legendary Libshop 100% home made hummus revisited with spicy Thai sriracha sauce 🌶️

The tzatziki

Lebanese Labneh revisited in Cretan style. Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, mint, spices and olive oil. THE CENTENNIAL CHEESE 🏃‍♂️

basil hummus

The original hummus from Libshop twisted with Basil 🌿

The pink hummus

The original hummus from Libshop made with chickpeas and sesame cream, revisited with beets. ORIGINAL CREATION 🤩

Zaatar crisps

Homemade chips golden in the oven, and topped with olive oil and Zaatar (thyme, oregano, sumac…).


The White Shark

Chicken fillet marinated chicken shawarma style, oregano, garlic, ginger, spices, raw vegetables, homemade potatoes, julienned carrots and red cabbage, melted cheese and homemade aioli.💪

The Falafel

Bean and chickpea falafel revisited with Libshop-style pumpkin, spices, sesame cream, raw vegetables. VEGAN 🌱

The Bomber

Fusion kebab and chicken shawarma sandwich with melted cheese, potatoes, raw vegetables and sesame cream. Regressive and greedy 😋

The W

Flank steak marinated with shawarma spices, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cooked onions, pomegranate juice, raw vegetables, potatoes, melted cheese and sesame cream. An ancestral marinade, for a deliciously tangy and inimitable taste ⚡

Signature Dishes

Chicken Lemon Olives

Chicken tagine marinated with lemon, olives, cardamom, turmeric and garlic, vegetables and basmati rice with Lebanese vermicelli.

The real Lebanese fassolia

Lebanese-style leg of lamb simmered with white beans, basmati rice and cooked vegetables. One of the most emblematic dishes of the Lebanese region in its most artisanal version.

The VEGGIE Falafel Salad

Lebanese fattouche salad with Libshop-style pumpkin falafels, sumac, pomegranate molasses, sesame cream, tomatoes, parsley, fresh mint, cucumber, onions, radishes and zaatar chips.

HEALTHY Chicken Salad

Traditional Lebanese fattouche salad, pomegranate molasses, sumac, tomatoes, parsley, fresh mint, cucumber, onions, radishes, zaatar chips, homemade aioli, sumac sauce and Libshop-style marinated chicken.

The desserts

Lebanese flan

Homemade milk cream flavored with rose water and orange blossom

Lebanese cookies

Chocolate Zaatar or Sesame Pistachio Cookie.

Lebanese pastry

Currently: the delicious namoura with honey and orange blossom.

Lebanese ice cream

Classic Ashta Ice Cream

Ashta pistachio ice cream​

Pink ashta ice cream

Ashta vanilla ice cream