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Lebanese tabbouleh, a concentrate of protective nutrients

Rare are those who appreciate it at its fair value.

And yet the Lebanese tabbouleh is a concentrate of protective nutrients : lemon, onions, parsley, tomatoes, cracked wheat, olive oil and spices.

Packed with vitamin C, green tabbouleh and very rich in minerals, trace elements and iron.

antioxidant and useful in the prevention of so-called civilization diseases (diabetes, cancer, etc.), tabbouleh is also ideal for slimming diets, because it is nourishing and quickly creates a feeling of satiety.

At Libshop, tabbouleh is therefore a healthy, dietetic, ancestral and entirely natural and vegetal dish, which fits perfectly with the current expectations of the “eat well and healthy” 💪😋

THE tabbouleh, it's here Lebanese salad par excellence, which usually accompanies parties, receptions or summer meals. It is part of what are called the “cold mezes” Lebanese, with hummus or eggplant caviar for example.

In addition to its undeniable dietary aspects, tabbouleh has a lemony, tangy and super fresh taste. Therefore, it will be an ideal kind of salad in sunny weather. A real refreshing pleasure, which can accompany a dish or a sandwich.

Contrary to appearances, it takes quite a long time to prepare, which requires a certain technique, and which can be sublimated by various beneficial spices, according to the recipes and the imagination of the chefs.

On this subject, here are some trade secrets that the team " Research " from the kitchen Libshop was kind enough to let us capture 😉

It's obviously a dish vegetarian, like most Lebanese mezes, and a mainstay of the Levantine and Mediterranean diet.

So why deprive yourself of it? 😍

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