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10 places to admire a magnificent view in Lebanon

Bcharreh el arz

A mystical and picturesque place that we have already had the opportunity to describe over and over again in this guide, so much does this place transport you…

Ward w habak

A restaurant located about 20 minutes from Tripoli, and from which the view is breathtaking…

Batroun Titans

As its name suggests, this marvelous place located in Batroun in Lebanon will allow you to sip cocktails while admiring the magnificent view of the Lebanese coastline and the sunset. Ideal for a festive moment with friends, or a very romantic evening...

The Bevview

"A place where heaven meets earth", according to what can be read there on the Internet. This magical place brings together a restaurant, a bar and offers breathtaking views. Located in Qanat Bakish, not far from Faraya.

Chouwen and Jabal Moussa Nature Reserve

This Lebanese region – literally “The Mount of Moses” – brings together various points of fall where you can admire an incredible view, between mountains, rivers and biosphere.

The Broad, in Byblos

This bar restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the coast of Byblos.

Chekka, its mountains and its beaches

Chekka is a coastal city located in northern Lebanon. Besides its cultural heritage, this region offers divine views of the beach, and its mountains are magnificent for an excursion.


Also in northern Lebanon, the almost supernatural landscape of Akoura is breathtaking. A hike there will transport you to a picturesque atmosphere, a setting worthy of the film “Planet of the Apes”.

Jabal Safi

Located in the south of Lebanon, 50km from Beirut and close to Sidon, this mountainous region is ideal for hiking, camping or just a perched restaurant offering an admirable view of the valley.

Baylodge in Jounieh

This hotel-restaurant has a terrace with stunning views of Jounieh Bay, north of Beirut.

The Olen Bar, still in Jounieh

Frozen Cherry

One of the places with the prettiest view in Lebanon, that we have already covered in this guide.

Lavender Getaway

This festive bar-restaurant located in the Chouf, not far from Musa Castle, offers a breathtaking view…

Bar Del Mar

Another festive place to dine, have a drink and admire the sea, with your feet almost in the water. Located in Kfaraabida, one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Lebanon.

The Kina Handcrafted bar

Located in Byblos, this festive bar will charm you with its lovely view of the Lebanese sea…

Lebanon has many other places to admire an incredible view… We will add more over time! And you, do you know places with a magnificent view? Share them in comments 😉

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