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Monday promo: -30% on Deliveroo for new customers at Libshop Etienne Marcel

It's back and on this last Monday in November, what could be better than a promotion to treat yourself by having a good hot falafel delivered to your home or office? To take advantage of it, go to Deliveroo to take advantage of a 30% reduction for all new customers, only available at the Libshop Etienne Marcel in Paris 1 this Monday, November 27, 2023 😉 See you right away?

How to eat hummus like a boss?

You may have heard of hummus, but have you really explored all the ways to enjoy it? Whether you're a seasoned hummus lover or a curious novice, discover the 3 best ways to eat hummus, found on the libshop blog!

LAST CALL: -20% with promo code BLACKFRIDAY on all Libshop until November 30, 2023

Last call for those who were unable to take advantage of our promo code BLACKFRIDAY, thanks to which we offer you 20% reduction from 14€ of order placed in a restaurant or on the Libshop app, until the 30th November 2023, with the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY Use without further delay, both on the Libshop app and in restaurants in Paris 1, Paris 8 and Paris 13 directly at the order terminals! For Paris 9, simply present this post at checkout to benefit from the 20% 🙂

Tourism in Paris: what to do in Châtelet and in the center of Paris?

Culture, restaurants, coffee shops, here are our top 10 must-see places to visit if you are passing through the heart of Paris, and particularly towards Chatelet. Châtelet, a historic district of Paris The Châtelet of Paris was a fortified medieval fortress built at the beginning of the 12th century. Over the centuries, it was gradually transformed and became a market, the famous Halles market, which was finally moved to the town of Rungis in the 1970s to make way for a vast shopping center. Today Chatelet is a dynamic and lively district, a crossroads of all the suburbs of Paris, and which is home to the most diverse offering in Paris in terms of cafes, restaurants, theaters and fashion and beauty boutiques, etc. The Chatelet district is interesting to visit, especially since it is central and located on the borders of several major districts of Paris, Louvre-Rivoli to the west, the Marais to the east, and the 5th arrondissement, cultural and tourist hotspot on the south side. Ready for the ride? Let's go ! Historical places to visit in Chatelet You can start your visit from the Chatelet metro station, which overlooks the Place du Chatelet, from

Lebanese cold mezze: meaning, origin and nutritional value

Tabbouleh, hummus, eggplant... What's your favorite mezze at Libshop? • Some say that the word “mezzé” – which designates these small dishes that are eaten like hors d'oeuvres – was born in the Bekaa plain, considered the breadbasket of the Levant. • The fertile lands of the Bekaa would have allowed the Lebanese to develop a fine and varied culinary art, mainly vegetarian. • At Libshop, we specialize in making cold mezzés, which we cook in an artisanal and ancestral way. We consider them a nutritional treasure, because they allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean diet, identified as one of the healthiest in the world. • And you, what is your favorite mezzé at Libshop?

Tourism: the best Instagram accounts to discover the beauty of Lebanon

Social networks have participated in a certain way in the digital rebirth of #Liban, which thanks to talented photographers, and the famous tag #livelovelebanon, has been able to rise from its ashes in terms of international image.
To honor these content creators, who are probably the best current ambassadors of the Land of the Cedars, here is our ranking of the best Instagram accounts to follow to discover Lebanon through the prism of magnificent photos.

Promo code: €8 off your next order with code NOVEMBER01

Note: like most promotional codes, this one is sent in advance one week in advance to all subscribers to the libshop newsletter. While the fall/winter season is well underway, our body and our morale are put to the test. So while waiting for the return of sunny days, we have prepared two little gifts for you. The first, so that you can eat well, is a promotional code of 8€ from 20€ of purchase to use on your next LIBSHOP order with the promotional code “NOVEMBER01“, to be used both in restaurants on order terminals only via the LIBSHOP application for take away and delivery, until Sunday evening, November 12. And the second gift is the ultimate list of the best foods to favor during this gray period to find in this article, both to keep the metabolism in good condition and for the figure and general health. Go read the article, it contains the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean diet, which is among the best eating habits to improve health, vitality and longevity.

🌯 Oh no, not my White Shark! [VIDEO]

It’s the story of a colleague who was a little too greedy and liked to eat at other people’s plates 😉 Find all our videos on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube 🎥

Have you ever tried beet hummus? 🌈

Pink Hummus is a traditional chickpea hummus retwisted with cooked beetroot. To make it, we simply cooked beetroot, which we mixed with our real hummus, prepared with soaked chickpeas, then cooked and mixed with sesame cream, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and spices. This is the most underrated mezze on the Libshop menu, especially since it has a deliciously sweet taste, and it mixes perfectly well with the sweetness of the chickpea puree. Find this delicious hummus as usual in restaurants, but also through click&collect or delivery on the Libshop App. And to top it all off, we're offering you 10% reduction from 20€ of purchase until the end of November with the promo code PINK, to be entered on the Libshop app, the website or in restaurants directly on the order terminals 🙈 It completes the range of homemade 100% mezzés that we offer to accompany your sandwiches and plates. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Libshop, healthy lebanese food ( See you soon for new libfoodesque adventures

HEALTH: what are the best foods for the winter season?

After the end of summer, while autumn has begun and winter approaches, our body faces several problems: the decrease in temperature (and the need for more energy for the body in order to maintain body temperature), decreased vitamin D levels (from the sun), the arrival of winter illnesses, increased sedentary lifestyle, decreased exposure to light, and decreased mood and morale, and possibly libido. So many issues that we must try to compensate for with an optimal diet. Winter is therefore an opportunity to adapt your diet in order to respect the seasons, particularly in terms of vegetables. And that's good, nature has provided us with more energetic vegetables for winter than in summer, and fewer fruits - therefore less fast sugars and fructose - and these vegetables are supposed to provide us with what we need. vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates with more beneficial consequences for the body than sugars from fruits, because they are slow sugars which will be digested more slowly by the body, and which will have less impact on blood sugar levels. In addition to green vegetables which are welcome all year round, in winter