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Drink a Lebanese coffee in Paris at the Libshop in Paris 13

☕️ Lebanese coffee (or Turkish, Armenian, Greek, Arabic coffee, etc.) is prepared from ground coffee boiled in a brass pot. 🫘 The taste – difficult to describe – is full-bodied, with a background aroma of dark chocolate and a hint of cardamom. 😋 Lebanese coffee is still on the menu at #libshop13, and it continues to delight even the most seasoned palates!

Evasion: the prettiest balconies of Beirut in photos

Mediterranean countries have this taste for pretty balconies in common, and Lebanese buildings are no exception to this rule. Here is a small selection of the prettiest balconies in Beirut in photos.                                    

-30% on the lunch menu from April 18 to April 21, 2023

🍀For any individual menu ordered on site or to take away at #LIBSHOP1, #LIBSHOP8 and #LIBSHOP9, we offer you a reduction of 30%. ❤️ Valid only at lunchtime upon presentation of this post, from Tuesday April 18 to Friday April 21, on the Lib'Tasty, Lib'Healthy and Very Lib' menus, limited to one use per person and while stocks last available. See you this week in a restaurant?

Book your authentic Lebanese brunch in Paris

An authentic, healthy and immersive culinary experience. With this Lebanese brunch typical of the Land of the Cedars, we want to take you on a journey through our Levantine morning memories. Brunch is served by reservation only on Saturday and Sunday at the Libshop in Paris 13. Price: €29 / person. In addition to its authentic aspect, this brunch is inspired by the standards of the Mediterranean diet, considered by science to be one of the most effective dietary methods in the world for health and longevity. In practice, we have worked on a predominantly vegetarian diet, a supply of legumes rich in vegetable proteins, raw products, and the use of healthy and natural aromatics. On the menu, an assortment of mezzes with Lebanese tzatziki-style labneh made from curdled and drained milk, cucumber and mint, a delicious pizzette of Lebanese Zaatar, this famous blend of spices (thyme, rosemary, savory, oregano, etc…), as well as a delicious halloumi cheese. Next come the authentic legume dishes served early in the morning in Lebanon, namely Foul Moudammas and Balila salad. These two tangy dishes are the keystone of the typical Lebanese breakfast, followed by the ancestral “Lebanese-style” omelette with parsley and onion, served with

Health and nutrition: discover the nutritional treasure of nuts

Did you know ? Nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds are nutritional treasures. As long as you consume them in moderation, and as a replacement for sugary snacks and other bars rich in refined cereals. Dried oilseed fruits are very good sources of fats Oilseeds, and especially nuts, have a preponderant place in the Cretan diet, which is one of the healthiest eating habits in the world, and to which we devote a separate section in the Libshop blog. Like olive oil, another superfood, nuts are very good suppliers of fatty acids, particularly omega-9, and sometimes omega-3. Omega-9 prevents cardiovascular disease by having a beneficial effect on cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, regulates blood sugar and is beneficial for the nervous system. Omega-3, which we need in small quantities, helps prevent degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, helps protect the immune system, fights insulin resistance, and has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. , while being anti-inflammatory, thus helping to fight against tendinitis,

Fassolia, or one of the best Lebanese dishes

I don't know if you remember the final scene of the movie Ratatouille. Alfredo Linguini, helped by the little rat Rémy, serves ratatouille to the culinary critic Anton Ego, an austere character who is difficult to please. The chosen dish, unexpected to say the least, unexpectedly amazed the critic who dropped his fork and gave the restaurant 5 stars. Indeed, this “family” dish awakened his childish soul in him, in a Proust madeleine plunging him back into his distant memories, when his mother served him ratatouille. Fassolia is a bit like that for every Lebanese in us, whether through the memories it carries – a dish imposed by our mothers who forced us to finish it, while we dreamed of nuggets and fries – or by the food composition, namely a peasant stew with a thousand and one nutritional virtues. White beans simmered in a tasty tomato sauce with spices, garlic, basmati rice, and a portion of fatty meat, this is a comforting dish typical of the "Blue Zones", these areas where life expectancy in good health beats

Escape: 10 photos of Beirut in early spring

One of the best times to experience Beirut is probably in spring or just after summer. The temperature is ideal and tourists from all over the world have not yet stormed the capital. Here are some pretty photos to get away from it all, while waiting for the sun to finally come out in France. We tell you more about the best places to discover in Lebanon in the Libshop Travel Guide, our #voyage guide to Lebanon, to be found on Thank you to all these ambassadors of Lebanese beauty, with in order of photos (to be found on Instagram): @plus961 @ghadakortbawi @karliseverywhere @elie.nammour (x3) @ihabfayad @gmr83

The promotion "a menu bought, a Lebanese flan offered » available again

We put a coin back in the pinball machine! Let us once again offer you our famous “Mouhalabieh”, the Lebanese flan with rose and orange blossom. From February 14 to 17, 2023, we offer you the flan for any menu purchased in the Libshops of Paris 1, Paris 8 and Paris 9, while stocks last, upon simple presentation of this post, on the Lib'Tasty menus, Lib'Healthy and Very Lib', limited to one use per person, so quickly order your delicious sandwich and your little hummus, and let us treat you for the sweet note!

Health and waistline: discover the superpowers of legumes

Legumes, also called pulses, are foods that are unfortunately little known and little consumed in “modern” industrial diets. However, they are a treasure trove of nutrition. Legumes are vegetable plants whose fruit is a pod, and which are cultivated in order to obtain dry edible grains. Among the best known, we find chickpeas, broad beans, red and white beans and even lentils. These are ancestral plants, originating from the Mediterranean for some, and from Asia for others. Moreover, most ancestral peoples have adopted them in cooking in the four corners of the world, from Mediterranean hummus (made from chickpeas) to the traditional English breakfast (white beans in sauce) through Indian dal (peas or lentils). Even if they are a little tedious to cook, more in any case than rice or potatoes, they have two major advantages: their delicious taste when used correctly in cooking, and their health benefits. This is the second point we will address here. And there are many reasons why legumes are good for your health. Their richness in fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels Thanks to their

The most beautiful photos of Lebanon in Winter

The name Lebanon comes from the Semitic root lbn (in Phoenician 𐤋𐤁𐤍) meaning “white” or “milk”, in reference to the snow cover that covers the Lebanese mountains in winter. This name is dated to at least 2900 BC. JC, always in reference to this snow, which gave it during the 20th century the famous maxim according to which it was possible to ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Every year, many photographers immortalize this snow, from Bcharré to Mzaar Kfardebian via Chouf. Here is a small selection of photos from recent winters in Lebanon! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Live Love Beirut (@livelovebeirut) View this post on Instagram A