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5 lessons inherited from the Mediterranean diet to refine and for general health

🌿 Want to refine for the summer, or just be fit and healthy?

🔥Here are some simple tips to tend, from time to time and when possible, towards a Mediterranean type diet, which originally goes from the South of France to the Levant, today's Middle East.

💯 The so-called Mediterranean or Cretan diet is the diet which has given the most convincing results for general health according to science, with in parallel the diet of Okinawa or certain other regions called "Blue Zones", these places in world where healthy life expectancy broke records before the arrival of the agri-food industry (Asia, northern Europe, etc.). We can therefore also draw inspiration from the eating habits from the “blue zones” as a whole.

😞 It is of course not a panacea, but if we can try to delay certain health risks as much as possible such as chronic inflammation, allergies or even hormonal problems, then why not try?

🙌 Find the best kept secrets of the best food in the world on our blog, health section, and in the meantime, here are 5 tips directly inherited from the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Co-founder of Libshop, nutrition enthusiast and digital explorer!

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