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The Suite Oceana Beach Resort: one of the most famous private beaches in Lebanon

In the jungle of bling-bling and show-off Lebanese beaches, the Oceana acts as a precursor. It is historically one of the first popular Lebanese beaches by revelers and other Sunday sunbathers. It must be said that this private beach has many arguments to make.

It is indeed one of the pioneers of the genre to have imagined a private seaside resort reserved for adults, with restaurants, alcohol, music and how much.

Since then, the Oceana has been followed by even larger and more impressive beaches (that you will find in this guide). Nevertheless, it remains in the minds of the Lebanese one of the reference beaches, and if its size has been reduced for a few years, the party remains no less crazy.

To get there, head for Damour, in the south of Beirut (15 minutes by car), where a host of beaches rub shoulders, each more impressive than the next: Janna, Utopia, and therefore Oceana.

FYI, Damour is a Lebanese coastal town located about 24 km south of Beirut. The name of the city is derived from the name of the Phoenician god Damoros who symbolizes eternity (ديمومة in Arabic). It attracts many tourists there because it is there that the closest sandy beaches to the capital are located.

The Oceana has the particularity of being located in the heart of a vast banana plantation of 25,000 m². On your way there, you will therefore pass in a path next to these banana plantations, which will give you the impression of being in the middle of an exotic landscape, 20,000 leagues from the atmosphere of the city.

Once you have paid the car park superintendent (a very welcoming character, by the way, who will warmly invite you to go and park your ordinary cheap car in the isolated wasteland, while the luxurious cars will be highlighted near the entrance), you can walk to the entrance, obviously paying, like almost everything in Lebanon.

Once inside, you will have access to a fine sandy beach, crazy waves and a very festive atmosphere.

The complex was once made up of four swimming pools, loud music, a Crepeaway, a Dunkin Donuts and more generally everything that America has given birth to evil. Except that in the meantime, it seems that the crisis has passed by, and the complex has been reduced to its simplest device: a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant and a beach.

The complex is bordered by lawn, palm trees and very Caribbean decor. In the pool, ask for your glass of champagne or your Almaza beer directly in the water.

Plenty of sofas and ultra-comfortable lounge chairs are also available for sunbathing in good conditions.

Executive level, we remain a tad below the standard of the Eddeh Sands in Jbeil for example, but this beach is still a classic in Lebanon.

On weekends, the Oceana can turn into a huge beach party, a discipline that will not necessarily be to everyone's taste, but which will delight beach partygoers.

But the prettiest thing about the Oceana, and more generally on the Lebanese coast, is the sunset.

As for the sea, it is quite clean and very pleasant in this part of Lebanon, so take advantage of it!

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