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Discovering JOSEPH, one of the best chawarmas in Beirut

Open since 1972, the JOSEPH restaurant, located on Mar Elias – Sin El Fil Street, opposite St Elias Church, a few meters from the Saloumi roundabout, is renowned worldwide as one of the best Street Food spots in the country.

As an expert and lover of chawarmas, I could not visit Lebanon without stopping by. I am taking you ?

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Joseph is the kind of snack where you traditionally go in Lebanon between two evenings. Arrived there, I notice that the shop is full of people, especially hungry visitors who come mainly for the legendary shawarma.

With its garish lights worthy of a typical Lebanese snack, the restaurant Joseph offers a rich and varied menu.

Joseph has been serving a loyal and ever-hungry clientele for 20 years. Better to really taste than to be impressed by the opinions of others.

Fine and fresh bread, in two layers, wrapped around a generous portion of meat or chicken served with quality raw vegetables, without any industrial sauce or junk. Pure beef, premium chicken, juicy with lettuce, pickles, fries, parsley and of course tarator (tahina).

A single sandwich is not necessarily enough to be wedged, because generally, the Lebanese sandwiches are eaten by two, unless you just want a small snack while walking before going to party.

Joseph's sandwich is truly unique, with just the right amount of oil and spiciness. And the snack doesn't just serve meat. Joseph's falafels are also known for their quality.

At lunch, you can choose between a meat shawarma, a chicken shawarma or a falafel sandwich (vegetarian). They are all extremely good. The restaurant offers only top quality food, although the menu is simple and prepared the old fashioned way.

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