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Mar Mikhael, a trendy neighborhood for going out for dinner and a drink

Beirut and its lively neighborhoods need no introduction. Tourists, locals and expatriates now know that the Lebanese capital has good places to go out, day and night.

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Among the most popular, Mar Mikhael stands out for its high density of restaurants, bars, snacks, cafes and pubs. Armenia Street welcomes people day and night.

Following the golden age experienced by the district of Gemmayzeh at the beginning of the 2000's, Mar Mikhael quickly became after 2010 the place of choice for all the great restaurateurs of the capital.

It is also in this district that we find the best brands in the city such as DIVVY, Enab, Frosty Palace, Tavolina or even Internazionale. More than 50 establishments have chosen to develop their business in the remaining square meters that litter the Cour St-Michel.

During the day, gastronomy, shopping and strolling are on the agenda to give a particularly lively atmosphere to the district. Mar Mikhael pleases for the wide variety of food it offers.

Arriving hungry in this neighborhood is no problem for anyone, there is so much to see and eat. From one bar to another, locals and foreigners have fun browsing different places?

In the morning, you can enjoy a Lebanese breakfast (labne, zaatar and jibneh), with tea and vegetables. All in a friendly atmosphere, ideal to start a beautiful day.

Belly full, it's time for a walk and shopping. For this, the old pre-war buildings, the old colorful houses, the old station and the countless churches of Mar Mikhael offer an idyllic route for fans of cultural tourism.

A little further on, Lebanese and foreign designer boutiques line up to form the Mar Mikhael designer district. Diane Ferjane, Vanina and Rosa Maria Concept Store for fashion fans; Mellow and Liwan for decorative furniture purchases; and Aurora by Carolina and Ralph Masri to appreciate Lebanese jewelry.

For art lovers, Mar Mikhael also has important galleries such as the Tanit gallery, the Papercup bookstore, Nanou, Zawal or even Bey map. So many shops that offer, in an artistic atmosphere, handcrafted objects, art books, photography or even posters.

At the end of the day, and after a tasty dinner in one of the biggest restaurants in the area, a festive and multicolored atmosphere is added to the bill, for the most persistent. Many bars open their doors to you, in a warm and very inclusive atmosphere.

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