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Discover Gemmayzeh, the “soHo” of Beirut

Today, we take you to a nice, French-speaking and trendy district of Beirut: Gemmayzeh.

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A narrow street, a ton of bars and conceptual restaurants, old houses next to buildings, valets not knowing who to entrust their car keys to, no doubt you are fine Rue Gouraud, named after the French general Henri Gouraud, in the “Gemayzé” district.

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two steps, the Saint-Nicolas staircase, also known as the Staircase of Art, where art festivals are held every year. These lead to the no less famous sursock street, more to the south. The district is also accessible on foot from rue Monnot – to stay in the same spirit – and from the village of Saifi.

In Gemmayzeh, it's very simple, the night is a party every night of the week. If you don't know what to do, go there with your eyes closed, and you will have the opportunity to drink, eat and see people, lots of people!

It must be said that all French-speaking Beirutis like to meet there in the evening to party, between conceptual street food and nice and accessible bars. Not too bling, but just enough to make your night a cool party.

In recent years, the district has lost some of its luster, especially since the tragic events that have followed one another, between the explosion of the port, the monetary crisis and the health crisis.

But there is no doubt that, like what Lebanon has always done, the district will be able to be reborn and reinvent itself... In the meantime, if you are on vacation or a weekend in Beirut, here is a quick overview places tested and validated by Libshop in Gemmayzé. If you have other ideas to submit to us, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments of the article!

The best restaurants and bars in Gemmayzeh

Em Georges, the Lebanese restaurant

Eating Lebanese in Lebanon is not necessarily easy. Between junk food and “globalized” street food, it is difficult to know the real good Lebanese restaurants. Fortunately, there are still a few nuggets like Em Georges, where traditional Levantine dishes are served in the most beautiful way possible, in an exotic setting, without being at the top of the design either.

But no matter what surrounds us, what matters is what's on the plate, right? And in this game, Em Georges is doing very well!

The other nice restaurants in Gemmayzeh:

  • Dar El-Gemmayzeh: another Lebanese.
  • Electric Bing Sutt: trendy Asian bistronomy.
  • Loris Restaurant: Lebanese-Armenian cuisine.
  • Parrilla Winter: the hyper-hype gastro restaurant.
  • Zimi: Mediterranean cuisine in a Scandinavian atmosphere.

And more generally all the bars and restaurants of Gemmayzeh, where the atmosphere and the services will often be at the top!

And to end on a high note, here are some photos of the neighborhood gleaned from Instagram.

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