welcome to Jounieh, there lebanese city par excellence : it concentrates sports activities, clubbing, picturesque landscapes, sea, mountains, and more…

Located only 20 km north of Beirut, Jounieh is a coastal town with unique features. Ideally placed below a 550 meter mountainous promontory, it charms visitors with its landscape worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It even has a "U"-shaped bay, unique in the world.

Jounieh houses a huge statue of the baptized virgin Our Lady of Lebanon. She is to the Lebanese what Christ the King of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro is to the Brazilians. It's a perfect place for contemplate the bay of Jounieh, from a colorful egg-shaped gondola.

The city of Jounieh also hosts the largest lebanon casino and throughout the Middle East. It is to the north of the city. It is also in Jounieh that we find the Lebanese Heritage Museum where many cultural and historical objects are exhibited.

Located by the sea, the region of Jounieh stands out for its green waters on the shore and darker in the distance. She wears a Fascinating multicolored landscape composed mainly of gardens of orange trees, lemon trees, mulberry trees and orchards.

Relaxing on the beaches, shopping in the upscale district of Kaslik, a walk in the Dream Park amusement park or karting in Zouk Mosbeh, there is really no shortage of activities in Jounieh.

Without forgetting the jeita grotto, a natural wonder which captivates with its exceptional charm. The upper part of the cave can be visited on foot for 1200 meters, the time to discover some traces of meandering ocher-colored rivers and magnificent columns. The lower part is traversed in a canoe between lace, elephant feet and other marvelous folds which do not escape anyone's gaze.

And for the most festive, the city of Jounieh organizes every year a big international festival in the Fouad Chehab sports stadium. The perfect opportunity to discover renowned local artists. There is also Corpus Christi for Christians which brings together nearly 20,000 faithful each year.

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