Nature travelers, here is a beautiful place you will love to visit in Lebanon on your next trip to the country. Jabal Moussa, one of the three biosphere reserves in Lebanon, has a great day of discovery in store for you with family, friends or alone. Come and marvel at the heart of an exceptionally rich biodiversity made up of more than 724 species of flora, 137 species of migratory birds and 25 species of mammals.

Located in the Keserwan-Jbeil region, 50 km from Beirut, in Lebanon, the Jabal Moussa reserve represents a true mosaic of the ecosystem. It contains about 720 species of plants representative of the geographical region “evergreen sclerophyllous scrub and forests” in the Mediterranean biome.

Since 2009, the Jabal Moussa reserve and its surrounding villages have been part of the world network of biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO, within the framework of the Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme. This small mountain range, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the west, is characterized by an incredibly rich biodiversity. Among the 215 types of plants that grow there, there are 20 different tree species, 11 of which are endemic.

Jabal Moussa reserve also has more than 16 different mammals including wolf, hyena and rock hyrax. It is also a “Global IBA” site, overflown every year by a large number of migratory birds, especially in autumn and spring.

A true cultural heritage, the Jabal Moussa reserve is also the ideal place to observe the interdependence of man and nature. Through various spiritual and historical sites dating from the Roman, Phoenician and Ottoman periods, the discovery is always surprising.

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