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Libshop-style date flan, a revisited version of the famous Lebanese Mouhalabieh

Have you tried the Lebanese flan revisited with dates? This is one of the different versions we offer on the Libshop restaurant menu!

Originally, the Lebanese flan – also called Mouhalabieh – is a kind of milk pudding flavored with orange blossom. It is one of the most popular Levantine desserts, as it is the perfect balance between simplicity and the delight it provides.

Legend has it that muhalabieh was introduced into Arab cuisine at the end of the 7th century by a Persian cook who served it to a famous Arab general by the name of Al-Muhallab ibn Abi Sufra. He liked it so much that he gave it his own name: Mouhalabieh.

At Libshop, we have our own Mouhalabieh recipe. And as we always like to do things our way, we have also made it available in different versions, including the date version.

You will find this date flan on the menu of all Libshop restaurants, both in physical and delivery! It will be ideal for the little pleasure at the end of a meal, or to enjoy as a snack, a few hours after your lunch!

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