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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Lebanon✈️

Broumana, one of the favorite villages of the Lebanese

Located on top of a hill in the Metn, Broummana Or Broumana or Broumena is a true traditional resort resort known throughout the Middle East region.

The reputation of this village comes mainly from its hotels, its pleasant climate, its greenery and its nocturnal summer life. Located just 20 minutes by car from the capital, the place offers stunning views of Beirut and the coastline.

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It is therefore a must during your holidays in Lebanon!

Formerly considered a real summer resort, Broummana was the favorite tourist destination of wealthy travelers from the Gulf countries. After having lost some of its luster with these tourists, whose number has dropped considerably following successive geopolitical tensions in the region, the village has gradually regained its colors by becoming a prestigious tourist destination for a new type of clientele. , more diverse.

The renovation of infrastructures (roads, sidewalks, building facades) makes it a pleasant destination with its many hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Nicknamed "the city of flowers", Broumana impresses with the magnificent facades of its traditional houses decorated with multicolored bouquets, its thousands of majestic pines which add shade to its streets and convey fresh and pure air to its surroundings.

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On its 650 to 800 meters of altitude, Broumana welcomes a large number of party people in search of mild summer nights, away from the crushing heat of the capital.

The village also has all the assets to conquer the hearts of night owls: bars, terraces, restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc.

Enjoy a walk on foot, wandering the streets between the traditional houses and their typical windows as well as the various restaurants.

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On my side, it's at Bachig that I ate during my last visit to Broumana, a pretty and welcoming Armenian specialty restaurant.

But this little culinary hop will be the subject of a future article… See you soon in the Libshop Travel Guide, the ultimate guide to travel to Lebanon 😉

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