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The Rock (El Rawché) or the Pigeon Cave

Erected at an altitude of 46 m, The Rock (El Rawché in Arabic) constitutes one of Beirut's main natural attractions. Formed by two islets of limestone perfectly modeled by erosion, The Rock features in most tourist photos of Beirut. From the cornice, the site offers a breathtaking view.

The Pigeon Cave is therefore located on the cornice, To West Beirut, renowned for being a place to stroll and stroll. The two huge rocks seem to rise from the water like a sphinx in the desert, as if the waves of the sea had cut them.

Legend has it that the Grotte aux Pigeons mainly owes its name to the pigeons that came to take refuge along the walls and in a cave of these rocks. It is also said that, driven by despair, people also came to throw themselves from the top of the cliff or the rock.

Le Rocher can also be admired from one of the many cafes and restaurants located on the corniche.

To the north of these rocks, stands the old lighthouse, visible from afar by planes and boats wishing to dock at the port of Beirut. Today, a new modern lighthouse comes to assist this old lighthouse which loses none of its ancestral charm.

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