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Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Tire is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Lebanon..

Many foreign visitors and tourists go to Tire (or Sour in Arabic) to stay in this idyllic place, bordered by 7 kilometers of beach. This seaside resort, also very popular with the Lebanese, has a small fishing port, an ideal place of tranquility for a romantic outing.

There Cornice of Tire is in this city of South Lebanon what the Promenade des Anglais is to Nice. This pleasant place is ideal for a walk alone or with friends, on the seafront, between the blue of the ocean on one side and the warm atmosphere of the city on the other.

Between cafes, restaurants, modern buildings and luxury hotels, the walk is very pleasant. You can also take advantage of the corniche to go for a good jog.

THE Tire beaches are at the south end of town, next to the nature reserve. Moreover, the beaches of Tire are among the most famous in Lebanon. Fine sand, ginguettes and narguileh for a much more reasonable price than the other beaches in Lebanon, because the beaches of Tire are public, but the municipality only authorizes guingettes. At the very end, you will also find the famous Cloud 59 snack bar, tested and approved by Libshop.

In the evening, walkers and lovers of the sunset walk along the Corniche. A very enriching walk for visitors from elsewhere since it can extend to the ruins of Al Medina.

The Corniche is sometimes closed to traffic to allow locals and visitors to quietly marvel at the coast. It's also the perfect time to try one of the many restaurants that line the beaches, for an oriental dinner, in a friendly and festive atmosphere...

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