Lovers of food stalls galore, today I invite you to discover the "Souk el Akel" of Beirut, an event that is sure to please you (and your belly). Meet every Thursday in downtown Beirut to rub shoulders with recognized craftsmen and amateurs who reveal their gourmet side through Lebanese, Mediterranean and also international cuisine stands.

A range of meals served on the go awaits you in this large public market. Typical and quality meals that will make you travel to the four corners of the world, without leaving Lebanon.

Souk El Akel is a culinary celebration that honors the dynamism of Lebanon's culinary world. A moment much appreciated by locals but also by visitors, to share the love of local products that inspire all cooks. Souk El Akel has one goal: to bring people together over good food and inundate them with a sense of pride in their community.

At Souk El Akel, all themes are in the spotlight and lend themselves to a gourmet tasting: Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Independence Day, Ramadan...

This event is organized by NoGarlicNoOnions, every Thursday from 5pm to midnight, on TIJARA street, Beirut, behind the municipality, next to Lina's and Aishti. A weekly meeting that constitutes a real food fair where you will be free to taste everything you want. Hot, authentic and fresh street food specially prepared by the best culinary artisans and skilled chefs in the country.

If you feel like discovering (or rediscovering) the richness of Lebanese cuisine and the culinary environment of Lebanon, Souk El Akel is the place to visit. More than 25 hand-picked vendors and points of sale await you there to make you taste delicious, unique bites, freshly prepared before your eyes.

Fresh fish sandwiches, gourmet manouches, all kinds of burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, a wide variety of specialty fries, baked potatoes, ice cream and more. The list is endless and changes every week.

Souk El Akel is quite simply the ideal place to join a community of gourmets who savor excellent cuisine in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. And there really is something for every budget. From restaurants to everyday cafes, Souk El Akel brings together all available vendors to bring you the best of the best.

Visiting Souk El Akel also means supporting the local community, restaurants and the economy of Beirut. A great opportunity to combine business with pleasure!

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