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The Monastery of Saint-Charbel

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Christian or not, believer or not, the Monastery of Saint-Charbel, officially called Saint Maron Annaya Monastery of the Lebanese Maronite Order, is a place that arouses the curiosity of all visitors from around the world. This Monastery, which houses the tomb of Saint Charbel, a Lebanese monk whose miracles still occur throughout the world, is an essential place to visit in Lebanon, a true source of inspiration for all beliefs and religions.

Nestled at an altitude of 1200 m in the mountains of the hinterland of Byblos, 17 km away, the Monastery of Saint-Charbel pays homage to Saint-Charbel, one of the most venerated saints in Lebanon. A true place of pilgrimage, this Monastery represents a place of contemplation particularly appreciated by all religions.

For those who don't know, Saint Charbel heals the disabled and sick. Many miracles are known to him all over the world. He is a Saint known in many countries, and also a very famous character in Lebanon. A special atmosphere emerges in this place where several miracles have occurred. Even the least religious do not hesitate to recite a few lines of prayer at this unique place in the world.

The Monastery, erected in his homage, is a quiet place, offering a breathtaking view, especially in summer. Even the winter landscape remains impressive at this altitude, with the snow. However, the most favorable periods to visit the Monastery of Saint Charbel remain the cold periods of the year.

At certain times of the year, the site is full of visitors, including many pilgrims. This large monastic complex includes a church, a museum and a tomb, that of Saint Charbel. The sanctuary enjoys an ideal location in the mountains, offering breathtaking views of the Qadisha Valley. There is even a small souvenir shop to share a great experience after returning from a trip to Lebanon.

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  1. Hello dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I have information appointments and very much wish to speak with a person in charge of the convent, and even in person.

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