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Orient 499 in Beirut, the incredible concept store of high-end crafts and design

Today I decided to take you to East499, a high-end brand, founded in 2006 by Frank Luca and Aida Kawas.

It is one of the nuggets not yet taken by storm in Beirut. You will find beautiful furniture, decorative objects, crafts and works of art, in a quiet and very pleasant place.

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No need to have a substantial budget to visit the shop, and you will even find some sublime small objects at affordable prices.

Driven by a particular passion for Middle Eastern arts and crafts, Frank Luca and Aida Kawas created this workshop-boutique to highlight certain objects from the region and other countries.

Items that are sometimes expensive but prodigious, furniture, homemade soaps, toys, ceramic and metal objects, etc…

The shop East 499, based in Minet El Hosn, rue Rue Omar Daouk, has become a true cultural identity for the region. It thus highlights the goldsmith's work of Lebanese craftsmen and designers.

Having acquired a well-deserved reputation for offering unique pieces, the boutique showcases objects that constitute the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity, a true characteristic of the Orient, and particularly of Lebanon.

The establishment is located directly opposite the former Holiday Inn hotel, now abandoned, a few steps from Hamra and Starco.

Inside, far from the hubbub of Beirut, calm, fullness, and above all sumptuous objects to discover during your walk in the different rooms that make up the shop.

There are works by well-known designers in the Orient 499 boutique, including Karen Chekerdjian, Hubert Fattal (interior designer), Nada Zeini (jewellery) and Abdallah Hatoum (showcase and decoration).

To get there, just type “Orient499” in Waze or Google Maps, and let yourself be guided. The boutique, very elegant, is open Monday to Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m..

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