Have you chosen Lebanon as the destination for your next vacation? Do not miss the road that leads to the most beautiful museum on the Lebanese coast, the Nabu museum located in Chekka. A historical monument full of treasures to discover.

Ideally located on the edge of a beach in the village of El-Heri, near Chekka, the Nabu museum incorporates a cubic building, the fruit of the imagination of two well-known artists Dia Azzawi and Mahmoud Obaidi. Inside, the museum offers a real historical journey of more than 6,000 years BC through exceptional artistic productions.

The Nabu museum, created on the initiative of Jawad Adra, Fida Jdeed, Badr and Hage, is a tribute to the Mesopotamian and Phoenician god of wisdom and writing. It reveals through its architecture and its treasures, a whole collection of works of art including rare books, archaeological artefacts and a whole selection of modern and contemporary works of art.

Several reasons motivate locals and foreigners to visit the Nabu Museum. First, because it is ideally located in Chekka so it is a beautiful kazdoura. Then, it is one of the few museums where entry is free for everyone. With the option of complete guided tours of the premises, free of charge.

The museum itself is a beautiful work to admire. You will take at least a few minutes of your time to admire the architecture of the ultra-modern building. Moreover, the landscape is splendid because the museum is very close to the sea… A sea with scarlet water without oil!

Inside, the museum exhibits contemporary and ancient art. Everything you need for history and art enthusiasts and enthusiasts. In addition to paintings and artifacts, the museum is also an exhibition space for several contemporary installations. The scenic roof of the museum is also perfect for contemplating the coast of Chekka.

Finally, it is a privileged place for romantic walks because it exudes calm and serenity.

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