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3 must-visit museums in Lebanon

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Lebanon, this small country of a few million inhabitants (5 million to be exact), is a country endowed with a rich historical heritage. Castles, churches and museums are particularly appreciated by visitors, as they allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Here are three must-visit museums on your next trip to Lebanon.

The National Museum of Beirut

A true small cradle of the history and prehistory of Lebanon, the National Museum of Beirut has in its ground floor space, 83 large pieces including mainly sarcophagi, statues, mosaics and bas-reliefs dating from the 3rd millennium BC. JC until the Byzanthine period. The upper gallery, meanwhile, houses 1,250 archaeological pieces, completely retracing prehistory up to the Mamluk period.

This museum houses the largest collection of archaeological artifacts in the region. It is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the history of Lebanon, from prehistory to the 16th century. He impresses with these unique pieces cast in concrete to avoid bombardments during the Civil War. The richness of his works makes this museum a perfect example of the historical richness of Lebanon. A place to visit absolutely to better understand the history of the country.

The Mineral Museum

Better known as MIM, echoing the 24th letter of the Arabic alphabet which is pronounced the same way, the mineral museum is not far from the national museum of Beirut. A collection of 2,000 private minerals from more than 70 different countries is exhibited in this museum. Most of them are impressive stones that will take you around the world, while staying in a unique place.

The Beirut Minerals Museum is a veritable "treasure room" because it houses the private collection of entrepreneur Salim Eddé, also the museum's founder. Thanks to an intuitive and interactive visit to this museum, you will discover a magnificent selection of precious stones of all kinds, as well as a room called "memory of time" highlighting the work of Lebanese paleontologists in their research for fossil fish in the north from the country. A particularly surprising and enriching place that also allows you to have a glimpse of Lebanese student life, since it is located in the basement of a USJ campus (Saint Joseph University)

Sursock Museum

Named after its founder Nicolas Sursock, the Sursock Museum is Beirut's main modern art museum. Located in the heart of Ashrafieh, this museum mainly houses modern art. But it also hosts various temporary exhibitions, all kinds of cultural events and film screenings. Built on the ruins of a mansion in the early 1960s, the building stands out for its architecture that subtly combines Ottoman and Venetian styles. This is the place not to miss to discover modern art. In addition, all the events that are organized there are completely free.

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