Meghrak is a beautiful hidden place located in the city of Batroun. 200 years old, this non-profit tourist spot is open to the general public to stroll, have a picnic or camp under the stars. A place that is worth visiting during a stay in Lebanon for its environment straight out of a fairy tale book.

Meghrak is a site consisting essentially of a house, belonging to a Lebanese doctor. A private place that became public after the return of its owner from the United States. Meghrak is an Arabic word that comes from the verb "to drown" or "submerged". The name of the site is also linked to its history since every winter, this house is submerged in water. However, Meghrak has become the ideal place to spend a magical day in the heart of a magical forest.

The place is available for rent for one, two or more people. Visitors are free to bring their own food. The environment is also conducive to the organization of a barbecue. The master of the place provides the necessary equipment for your grills and skewers. A homemade food formula is also offered to visitors who just want to fully enjoy their stay, without worrying about what there is to eat on the premises.

Night options are also available at Meghrak, with the possibility of renting tents to camp for a weekend or for a longer period. All reservations are made directly with the owner of the premises.

In addition to picnics, camping and photo shoots, Meghrak is also a perfect place to organize all kinds of events (wedding, meeting, team building activities…) The owner of the premises can take care of the catering, at Requirement. Despite its somewhat atypical appearance, Meghrak is a place that exudes comfort. The house is equipped with bathrooms, electricity, concierge and water.

Meghrak is the ideal place to escape into the Lebanese nature in summer. Sheltered in the shade of majestic trees which reflect the soft rays of the sun, the house is bordered by a lake which magnifies the place. Moreover, it is one of the few tourist sites in Lebanon that is accessible to pets.

Dogs and cats are welcome in Meghrak!

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