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The Darb Al-Jabal Al-Lubnani tourist trail

Want to live a unique travel experience in Lebanon? Try the Darb el-Jabal el-Loubnani circuit, a unique circuit that extends over some 400 km of hiking, crossing 4 nature reserves and passing through 75 villages perched between 600 and 2,000 m above sea level.

More commonly known as the Lebanese Mountain trail, the Darb el-Jabal el-Loubnani circuit is ideal for lovers of long hikes. Through its winding paths that cross fields and mountains, hikers reconnect directly with nature, while discovering a specific facet of the country.

Lovers of the great outdoors, adventures and new circuits, each year join a national route linking the north of Lebanon to the south, to breathe the fresh air and live a beautiful travel experience.

Darb el-Jabal el-Loubnani or Lebanon Mountain Trail, LMT, or Lebanese Mountain Trail, the circuit leaves from Kobeyate in North Lebanon, to reach Marjeyoun in South Lebanon.

Originally initiated by Joseph Karam, a Lebanese immigrant whose vocation is to consolidate his ties with the mother country, the course was perfected by an American consulting and technical assistance company in international development. In vogue since the 1990s, this phenomenon was mainly set up to participate in the rural development of the Batroun region.

Designed in the image of other unique hiking trails known around the world, such as the Appalachian Trail linking Mount Katahdin, in Maine, to Mount Springer, in Georgia, in the United States, the Darb el-Jabal el- Loubnani was made possible with the participation of local municipalities and funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAid).

The villages that appear on this historic trail have been chosen according to very specific criteria (altitude, historical or cultural heritage, etc.) Most of them are well-trodden trails, having already existed for several years and perfectly accessible.

You can walk the Lebanese Mountain Trail alone or in a group, but always in the company of a local guide or tour operator. To live unique adventures, the ideal is to be supervised by local guides.

The length of the circuits varies between 12 and 23 km. They mainly include footpaths, agricultural roads and a small part of paved streets. Most are accessible to the general public, some are even suitable for children.


The trail, which has different levels of difficulty, passes through 4 nature reserves: Ehden, Tannourine, the cedars of Chouf and Arz el-Rab in Bécharré. The course offers varied landscapes marked by forests, jurd, valleys, reserves...

Soon, other themed trails will be added to the existing trails, like the Baskinta literary trail, highlighting the region's literary heritage. 24 km long, this trail combines hiking with the discovery of the cultural and literary heritage of the region. Visitors are treated to informative panels that allow them to learn about local poets and writers and their works.

This new path leads to the Abdallah Ghanem Cultural Center, where regional cultural activities are regularly organized. It also passes through important villages including those of Bakaata, Bkaatouta, Bekaatet Kanaan, Wadi el-Karm, Kfertay, Zabbougha, Kfar Aqqab, Machraa, Aïn el-Qabou, Baskinta and Sannine.

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