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Chnaniir (Shnaneer) Nature Reserve

Open to the general public since July 23, 2010, to the delight of lovers of adventure in the great outdoors, the Shnaneer (Chnaniir) nature reserve is ideally located on a hill overlooking the bay of Jounieh. Just for the breathtaking view and the diverse and multicolored landscape, the site is definitely worth a visit.

A veritable gigantic green space, the Shnaneer nature reserve is an exceptional place of discovery for experts and walkers. Equipped with numerous footpaths, the reserve welcomes every year students curious to discover the wonders of nature, as well as researchers who wish to enrich their documentation on the fauna and flora of the environment.

Shnaneer Nature Reserve is located just 5 minutes drive from Jounieh's main highway. The place particularly appeals to hikers who take full advantage of the beauty of nature and the diversity of the landscape that surrounds them. Three groomed trails provide access to the Shnaneer Nature Reserve. For hikers, there are three different levels of difficulty, characterized by the steepness of the slope and the length of the trail. But it is also possible to do all three trails at the same time.

The Shnaneer Nature Reserve covers an area of around 300,000 m². It culminates at an altitude of 650 to 850 m, offering a 360° panoramic view over the Bay of Jounieh on the one hand, and the mountainous regions of Mehrab, Sahel Alma, Ghosta and Ghazir on the other.

On the way to Shnaneer, hikers can observe a dug well dating from the 19th century. The herds of shepherds used to drink from this well. In the heart of the forest, there is also a great natural wealth made up of wild pines, oaks, pines and arbutus.

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