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Health, well-being and healthy weight: the TOP 10 of the best Mediterranean spices

This article is part of the LIBSHOP white paper: Mediterranean diet for strong health, the summary of which you will find here. We have often been told that we should eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. If this method aims to push us to turn more towards products from agriculture and not towards processed products, poor quality protein or even hydrogenated fats (crisps, pastries, sandwich breads, foods fried…), then it seems laudable in order to move towards a healthy lifestyle. But once this stage has been reached, we often tend to become accustomed to the same products, in more or less healthy quantities. We sometimes take the opportunity to consume high quantities of certain fruits rich in fructose daily, morning and evening, rather than green vegetables, root vegetables or legumes for example, which have less impact on blood sugar levels. In the same way, when we think of fruits and vegetables, we do not necessarily think of “plants” in their entirety, and even less of spices, herbs and other condiments that are often shunned, out of ignorance or laziness. Spices commonly found in Mediterranean cuisine, that

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Our top of the best galettes des rois de Paris

Because there's more to life than just mouhalabieh and nammouras, here is our ranking of the 10 best galettes des rois, tested and approved by the team over the years! As criteria for this classification: the pancakes must be affordable, digestible, subtle and of course delicious. Ready for the coronation? Let's go ! Edit: here is our top news in 2024! N°10: The infinitely almond galette from Pierre Hermé The almond galette from Pierre Hermé is a sure bet: Puff pastry, grilled almond cream, and roasted almond slivers nestled in the heart of the galette, under a deliciously delicious layer almond cream. A high-end delicacy, and zero risk, you will be sure to satisfy all your guests! The price: €35 for 4 people. The variations: pistachio, lemon grapefruit, and chocolate caramel brioche. Discover the Pierre Hermé galette N°9: The frangipane galette from Quignon In the super generous genre, we find the very effective galette from at Quignon, the bohemian bakery in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Tested, approved and not stingy in quantity. A little detail for little eaters

Top of the most beautiful photos of Lebanon at Christmas

The end-of-year holiday season is always a joyful and magical time in Lebanon. Discover in photos the atmosphere at the end of the year, hoping that the new year will be placed under the sign of hope, solidarity and love! We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Artistry ( View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lebanon_لبنان (@lebanonofficial)

The 4 best spots for oriental pastries in Paris

As it's the holiday season, we've found the 4 best tested and validated spots for tasting delicious oriental sweets in Paris. Enough to make a good impression with exotic and more original pastries than usual. Guaranteed success! And do you know any other good addresses? Don’t hesitate to share them in comments!

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Autumn and winter vegetables

Autumn and Winter vegetables, by Libshop. Vegetables will be a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all protective micronutrients that your body needs to face winter! Be careful to distinguish fibrous 100% vegetables from “energy” vegetables such as squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, cassava, parsnips or yams, which contain starch, a source of carbohydrates which will give energy to your body. These will be more beneficial if they are cooked in the oven, steamed or in water, and possibly cooled, particularly with regard to potatoes, so as to lower their glycemic index. This is also how most Mediterranean populations consumed them in the past. Like, share and mention those who might be motivated to eat more vegetables!

Discover in photos the paradisiacal region of Yahchouch, in Lebanon

The village of Yahchouch is one of the 7 villages surrounding the Jabal Moussa nature reserve, part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve network. Etymologically, the word Yahchouch comes from the Syriac Aramaic and means "The wounded god", in reference to the Syriac God Adonis who died in the Ibrahim River which passes through the village of Yahchouch. Moreover, speaking of the Ibrahim River, we can admire it from the Yahchouch valley, as evidenced by the photos of exceptional beauty. It is also possible to reach Lake Chouane from Yahcouch, to extend the visit. Here are some photos of this magnificent region. See this post on Instagram A post shared by Libshop, healthy lebanese food (