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Anfeh or the “Little Greece” of Lebanon

Lebanon is interesting in that it is a country that is both historic and legendary. It is home to magnificent medieval monuments, churches and museums. Its gastronomy is simply succulent and its beaches of exceptional beauty. In addition, the country is full of unusual tourist sites like Anfeh, the #littleGreece of the Lebanese.

Anfeh or Enfeh is an ancient city located in the North of Lebanon. It is a locality mainly inhabited by Orthodox Christians. But it has also seen a multitude of religious periods: Phoenician, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Crusader. Located on the Lebanese coast, 65 km from Beirut, it is only 15 km from Tripoli.

One of the best tourist attractions in the city of Anfeh is called Marie des Vents. Considered the oldest Chapel-Church in Lebanon, this now Orthodox church can be reached by following the exit for the cemeteries by the sea, at Anfeh. It was recently restored, but you can still admire the medieval frescoes that adorn these walls of yesteryear.

For a little cultural break, Anfeh, Enfeh or even Naufin from the time of the crusades, also represents one of the main towns and one of the main free ports of the region. To discover on the spot, a promontory where the castle was and three scars of the moat of this fortress.

The only survivor of the ancient Nephin of the Crusaders and other Latins and also the last place of residence of the Crusaders before being totally invaded by the Mamluks. Apart from ghosts, only the concrete tanks have remained. But they still amaze with their form and their history. It is also on this promontory of half a kilometer that the city of Anfeh was founded in the time of the Phoenicians, in 3000 BC.

And finally, to improvise a little beach break, Anfeh also has a small public seaside resort with Greek airs. With its white walls and its hospitable and kind inhabitants, it really feels like Greece at “Taht el Rih”.

This beach is one of the few beaches in Anfeh that stands out. It is distinguished by the total absence of wind, its picturesque chalets painted in white and blue which border the sea, its clear water and its serene atmosphere. Enough to allow visitors, who are never very numerous to go there, to relax in a perfectly friendly atmosphere.

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