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Al Jammal, the fine sandy beach of Tire

Today, I invite you to discover the "lazy" side of the city of Tyr. Better known for its concentration (very appreciable) of monuments and historical or archaeological sites, the city of Tire is also famous for the various possibilities of escape that it offers. Among other things, its magnificent beaches with fine golden sand and turquoise water, ideal for swimming alongside giant turtles.

Located in southern Lebanon, Tire is a very beautiful city that stands out for its old traditional Christian quarter. A real labyrinth in which it is very easy to get lost, but with great pleasure, between the low houses and the colorful alleys.

From its medieval cathedral to its centuries-old churches, a walk in Tire necessarily leads to the very beautiful Al Jammal beach. This sandy beach impresses with its turquoise water springs and agricultural land, creating a unique environment of both fresh and salt water. A favorite breeding ground for sea turtles.

Al Jammal beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cedar country. Its crystalline and transparent water soothes the mind. It is also the ideal place to swim with the turtles or observe them in their natural environment. Go Pro in hand, you can even try to take souvenir photos with these animals who know how to swim between the rocks so well.

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