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The Gouffre des Trois Ponts, sublime Tannourine waterfall in Balaa

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The Chasm of the Three Bridges, or Baatara Chasm, is a incredible waterfall 250 meters deep and 260 meters wide, located not far from the village of Balaa, and dug by water for millions of years.

I discovered this place during an eco-tourism expedition with the club Vamos Todos (which I recommend), far from the hubbub of the Beirut nightlife and to enjoy what is most beautiful in Lebanon: nature.

So we left on a bus and after a few hours of travel in a festive and good-natured atmosphere, we arrived at Taanourine.

A few minutes walk from the bus, we discovered this impressive sinkhole. A panorama that left us speechless.

The group then organized themselves to begin the festivities. At the end of a walk across these three superimposed bridges, we divided into three groups for three different activities: climbing, abseiling and ziplining.

An unforgettable day, experienced thanks to Vamos Todos, and their superb vision of ecotourism in Lebanon. After some thrills and a lot of physical exertion, we ate at the beginning of the afternoon, before ending the day with a journey through absolutely magnificent landscapes.

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The Tannourine region also conceals a good number of picturesque and marvelous places, of which here is a small best-of in photos.

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