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Plan Bey, art and culture by the Lebanese

Today, I wanted to tell you about an absolutely remarkable place that I had the opportunity to discover during my summer 2018 trip to Lebanon. This is Plan Bey, a space for creation, development, production, exhibition and retail, nestled in the now cult and lively Mar Mickael district, which we described in this article. Hey, this article is part of our ultimate guide to the best plans to do in Lebanon Halfway between a bookstore and an art gallery, Plan Bey is a platform that collaborates closely with local artists to create, edit and manufacture atypical products in limited quantities. This unique place offers diverse variations of Lebanese art, through posters, coasters, postcards, wall stickers, photographs and other works by local and international artists. The Plan Bey boutique exclusively offers products that come from its private workshop and its local production unit. It is therefore not an art gallery in the classic sense of the term. An exceptional place to absolutely visit during your stay in Lebanon, at the risk of having to travel the world in search of unique works of art. Music lovers, fans of original works, will also find