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Rikky'z, the inescapable restaurant of Mount Lebanon

Nestled on a hill overlooking the valley of Kfardebian And Faraya, at an altitude of 1700 m, in the heart of the mountain, Rikky'z is one of the most famous bar-restaurants in Lebanon.

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Rikky'z comes in the form of a big and beautiful wooden house, situated at Faraya, 45 minutes from Beirut. Judge instead.

Inside, on the terrace or in the garden, Rikky'z is the reference place to live perfect evenings in one of the most famous Lebanese mountains.

Surrounded by a breathtaking view, Rikky'z combines for its guests, a exquisite cuisine, an exceptional atmosphere and music mixed by DJs.

From the full service to the buffet, through a romantic dinner, conviviality is always at the rendezvous at Rikky'z. The establishment is open all year round to satisfy all tastes.

The restaurant is spacious, located high up and entirely wooded. Big and long logs take up all the space, from inside to outside, from the bar to the toilets, to the dining room.

Visitors come in large numbers, especially to meat prepared on heated stones say "stone". As soon as you enter the establishment, you will find on the left a large oven which looks like a pizza oven. This one is essentially filled with stones, and heats up to 200°. Rikky'z serves salads, succulent dishes, appetizers and very good desserts.

But outside the kitchen, the strength of Rikky'z lies in its ability to bring together wealthy young Lebanese who came to party.

The restaurant therefore brings together part of the lebanese golden youth, who likes to meet there for eat, drink and party. It is a destination quite "bling bling", as everywhere in Lebanon, but which will have the merit of giving you the benefit of quality food and an amazing view. Not to be missed, then!

Find all the information about Rikky'z on their instagram, Facebook And Website !

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