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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Lebanon✈️

The seaside resorts of Lebanon

With its 250 km of coastline dotted with pretty towns with eternal trading traditions, Lebanon is home to the most beautiful seaside resorts in the world. Most of them are magnificent private beaches with trendy bars, swimming pools, restaurants where a bewitching musical atmosphere reigns throughout the year. Tourist places that are very popular because they are well cleaned and monitored.

The most famous seaside resorts in Lebanon are in the regions of Damour in the south of Beirut, and Byblos and Batroun in the north.

Less expensive and protected from waves and jellyfish thanks to a concrete breakwater, the Military Bath in Jounieh is more recommended for family holidays.

For an unforgettable idleness stay in Lebanon, opt for private beaches, paying, but clean and well equipped like those found near Byblos. The port of Byblos is a preserved and very attractive place. Several boat trips along the coast are organized from the port of Byblos.

Another nice place to discover for lovers of beautiful beaches, Raouché and its pigeon cave. These two enormous cliffs resembling Etretat form one of the most beautiful symbols of the region of the city of Beirut.

In the city of Saïda (Sidon), the fortified port attracts many visitors each year, in particular because of the remains of a Crusader fort. However, it is not advisable to swim in the Saïda region, because the beaches there are very poorly maintained.

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