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A good and inexpensive Lebanese restaurant in central Paris? Meet at the Libshop in Paris 1

Want to have a good time around good Lebanese mezzés – hummus, eggplant caviar, tabbouleh – and delicious Lebanese-inspired sandwiches? Meet at Libshop Etienne Marcel, which is the very first Libshop restaurant to open its doors in 2014.

Located at 96 rue Saint-Denis in Paris, the Libshop restaurant offers a simple menu, fresh, homemade products. The specialty of the house is mezzés, sandwiches and Lebanese dishes which are all prepared from raw products, and which are cooked in a healthy way.

The other specificity of Libshop is the way of retwisting the great classics of Lebanese cuisine, with variations. Beetroot hummus, vegetarian falafels revisited with pumpkin, Lebanese sandwiches revisited and fattoush salads with chicken shawarma, there is something for everyone.

Orders are placed directly on a tablet, and are then served at the table, without fuss, but always with a smile.

Here are the photos of the restaurant. Also find the menu And the reservation page here !

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