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The Bohemian, a must-see cocktail bar in Beirut

The capital of Lebanon is known for the dynamism of its nightlife. The large number of bars, clubs and pubs that can be discovered there, testifies to a very cheerful night owl population.

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Among the recommended addresses in one of the liveliest areas of the city, namely Mar Michel, There is The Bohemian, cocktail bar.

Located on a street where every second building happens to be a pub, club or bar, The Bohemian stands out for the chic atmosphere it offers, and expertly prepared cocktails.

Here, you will only taste homemade cocktails, carefully crafted by one of the best bartenders in the world. Start by ordering a Gin Basil, then indulge in more ambitious compositions.

Impossible to miss The Bohemian during a walk in the streets of Mar Mikhael.

As famous as the neighborhood that houses it, The Bohemian is by far the new bar that attracts the most young hipsters in Beirut. This bar is also particularly appreciated for its delicious platters and salads, accompanied by cold drinks, offered on weekends, by reservation.

In winter, the bar is kept warm by a heater. But the summer atmosphere takes on its full meaning when the facade opens up and lets in a cool breeze that matches the refreshing vibrations of the cocktails, served on site.

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