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Heading to 1850.btelaya, a heavenly campsite on the heights of Ehden in Lebanon

Welcome in the Libshop Travel Guide, the guide to the best places to visit in Lebanon by Libshop.

Today I take you to Ehden, and more specifically to camping 1850.btelaya, where you can eat and sleep under the stars in a simply sublime place.

Btelaya is a piece of nature nestled at an altitude of 1850m – hence the name of the campsite – in the magnificent region from Ehden, where a farm was installed by an old Lebanese family. Since then, the grandchildren have decided to make this region known and have launched a project halfway between the gîte and the campsite.

The idea was to perpetuate the traditions of their elders, allowing a reconnection to nature, far from the tumult of the city. In Btelaya, you can camp but also just stop by to discover the local and organic products offered by the gîte.

On the menu, many typical Lebanese products to discover in an idyllic setting, facing the sunset. The breakfast is typical of the Cedar country, with olives, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, and of course goat cheese. You can also sip a Laban me3ze with apples, devour eggs produced by the hens of the farm or even better, taste the local "kechek", this Lebanese peasant soup that I had ranked first in my top of the best traditional dishes. Lebanese.

Btelaya.1850 is also an opportunity to organize a hike in the region of Ehden, and constitutes a base if this project tempts you.

In short, we are right there in the theme of reconnecting with nature, even in an immersive experience in what we can call the Mediterranean diet (also called the Cretan diet), made famous by the centenarians who ate this type of food in picturesque and sunny places.

This place can be an original swerve if you are passing through Lebanon, it will change from the usual beaches and nightclubs, but it is above all an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and their pollution. …

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