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Libshop returns BASTANI, healthy Iranian ice cream, low in fat, low in calories and resolutely divine

If I told you that we had unearthed an ice cream with very little sugar, without eggs, without added fat, without coloring or artificial flavoring, and with a unique taste in the world?

With its fat content less than 2%, its natural ingredients 100%, its natural flavors such as saffron, rose, cardamom, date, lavender, cinnamon (just that!), which have been recognized since Antiquity as the aromas of well-being and fulfillment, the Bastani house had everything to make us melt.

So, seduced by their absolutely delicious ice creams, we signed a collaboration with this creator of subtle, healthy and artisanal ice creams, so that you can find their luxurious perfumes within the Libshop menu!


Expertly selected ingredients

The saffron that you will taste in Bastani ice cream is known to be one of the best in the world. It comes from the Khorasan region, in the northeast of Iran.

While the extra green pistachios, rich in protein and antioxidants used for the "Pistachio" flavored ice cream, comes from the Rafsanjan region.

Not to mention Bam date ice cream, produced from organic dates, and mainly from the Province of Kerman. In short, only good, natural, and authentic. Everything we love !


The flavors chosen

At Libshop, we have opted for several perfumes, among which the Rose & Saffron, Bam Dates, Cinnamon and Pistachio fragrance.

But other flavors could come to decorate the menu very soon!


About the Bastani house

Bastani House is a manufacturer of 100% natural artisanal ice creams of Persian inspiration.

Their leitmotif: a perfect balance of ingredients, and the use of every natural 100% spice, aroma, herb, fruit or vegetable to create products of excellence, and dietary.

Find their goldsmith work on their website and on social networks:



Find Bastani ice cream at Libshop

In store, or on delivery on the Libshop app and website. Also available from our partners Deliveroo, UberEATS and Just Eat!



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